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Looking to drown in romance for Valentine’s day?

Here are some of my favorite picks for this time of the year:


1.Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy – E.L. James

Cause why not? and if I were you I would also watch the films again to get some of that steaminess! I love how some people deny that they actually like this story. I mean it’s hot and it has a pretty storyline…couldn’t ask for more. Don’t be afraid to pick this up in public. Embrace it!

2. Love, in Duology- Karina Halle

In all honesty, these books are amazing and…SO HOT. These were the first books I read by Karina Halle and I’ve been reading all of her books ever since. If you’re into prohibited romance and hot spaniards, then this is definitely for you. I’m warning you though, this will become addictive.

3. Revved Book Series- Samantha Towle

I read these books a few years ago and I loved them. Samantha Towle chose a super hot theme in car racing, so we have these adrenaline junkies as our heroes. Our heroines are very different though. Therefore, you two very different storylines with sexual tension you can cut with a knife. I know, looks promising right? Trust me on this. I promise you won’t regret it!.


1.Slammed Series- Colleen Hoover

Yes you guys guess right. Of course I’m gonna have Colleen in this post! She’s the queen of romance for god’s sake! If you ask me of a love story that makes my heart feel so full it can actually burst at some point, I’ll definitely say the Slammed series. I read this at the end of High School, during a hurricane threat in Dominican Republic. This means that everything was closed and I had to stay home all day reading. I finished it in one day to be exact. That’s how good it is.

2. Love, Rosie – Cecelia Ahern

One of my favorite books ever! I love how it’s so funny and easy to read. This is a beautiful, romantic story that everyone (who’s into romance, duh) should read. You’ll swoon and hold your breath all the time, but I do promise you’ll laugh. If you have a chance, go ahead and watch the film as well!

3. Make me Believe – Karen Ferry

I read this a few years ago as well, but I feel like it was yesterday. Although, there’s some abuse involved, Emma and Daniel stole my heart. Is one of those love stories where the couple survives different types of trauma and heal together. This means that they evolve into something better because of their love. More importantly, this book is set in Denmark ( you know I love international romances <3 ) and I just realized it’s part of a series, so I’ll be definitely checking that out now!

Well I’ll leave it here for now. Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your friends and if you have one, your significant other!