So I came across this show and literally, couldn’t stop watching it! I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t even know the book existed. I guess I was naively charmed by Teresa Palmer and Mathew Goode! However, once I knew there was book, I had to read it!

Although I wasn’t counting on how long this book is, it was a great experience. I can’t begin to imagine how much time Deborah Harkness had to dedicate to her research. Being a history lover myself, I was fascinated with the amount of historical information within this story. More importantly, it was like having a personal guide of all the places Mathew and Diana went.

Regarding those characters, I instantly loved Diana. A woman obsessed with history and alchemy, but even more cool…A WITCH! A witch that doesn’t want to acknowledge her power, but still a powerful witch nonetheless.

I love her fearlessness and how she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s not a quitter, but a fighter in every sense of the word. She meets this dashing vampire that basically takes her breath away with his strength and knowledge. Imagine the things a 1500 year old person must have seen. To Diana’s history obsessed self, this is just a dream come true. Regardless of her love and admiration for Mathew, she insists on not being treated like a damsel in distress. This just makes her even more badass, right?!

Let’s talk about Mathew Clairmont. In this century he’s a doctor and a professor at Oxford as Diana. Obviously he’s dashingly handsome and has tons of money to spare. However, what really catches Diana’s eye is his intellect. Starting her research, she comes across Ashmole 782, a manuscript that has been missing for centuries and all creatures (daemons, vampires and witches) want to get their hands on it. For some reason, she knows that Mathew is the creature she should trust, and that’s where their journey together really begins.

I decided to do something a little different to my previous reviews and introduce this segment: TV vs. Book. Here we can discuss the similarities or differences between books and TV shows/ Films. Obviously I know that most of time we’ll choose the book over the film/show, duh…but in some cases like this one, I’m not that sure. I’ll explain why!

Here you can appreciate some of the differences I noticed between the book and the TV show. The other day I was visiting the bookstore to look for the rest of the All Souls trilogy. Unfortunately, the sales lady told me she did not have them, but she did ask me about the books and the show. I told her that honestly, she could either watch the show first or read the book. It doesn’t matter in which order you do it, since they do have differences. I honestly think they are both absolutely amazing.

In my opinion, the TV show took the best of the book in a more condensed manner, since the book is really long. After I read it, I acknowledged how this could only be turned into a show and not a film because of all the information and complicated plot. However, I did enjoy myself reading this book. It was a really long time since I read fantasy and this was a journey on its own. I’m so looking forward to read the rest of the trilogy and tell you guys what I think!

I wouldn’t have chosen any other actors to bring to life Diana and Mathew on screen. Teresa Palmer and Mathew Goode, bring out the best of these characters! Moreover, the cinematography in this show is mind-blowing as well as the music. Whatever you do, read the book and watch the show!