Emily in Paris is a new fun and fabulous show starring Lilly Collins as Emily Cooper. You can watch this on Netflix and binge watch at your convenience!

Picture of Emily in Paris

Emily is an amazing marketing specialist who got transferred to Paris from Chicago, after her company acquires a new branch in the City of Love. The only mishap is that Emily’s french is pretty basic- and I’m being kind when I say this! She gets this promotion after her boss realizes she’s pregnant and can’t make it.

Her awful french is something her coworkers don’t appreciate at all! If you’ve ever visited France, you’ll know that french people are very protective of their culture. This means that if you’re a foreigner you have to adapt to their customs and that includes speaking their language! They’re not very prone to speaking english if they can help it!

Obviously she feels a lot of hostility around her, especially from her boss, Sylvie!

However, Emily finds her way throughout the city and we see this young woman bloom despite the numerous limitations she has to face as an American in Paris. This reminds me of a summer I spent there, trying to learn french and to be honest, it’s very hard to adapt to this place in comparison to other cities.

Emily in Paris is the perfect show if you want to head back to those Gossip Girl days where fashion takes over the whole series. The only difference is that this is more from a grown up’s perspective, not high schoolers! The characters actually know what they want out of life. Other than that, I loved how they integrate marketing as a theme focusing on the use of social media for any business to succeed!

Can’t wait to watch season 2 already!

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