Hi everyone! Hope you’re all safe and healthy during this Coronavirus crisis. In Dominican Republic, we’re already dealing with several cases, hence why most of us are already quarantined in our homes. This means, we sometimes get super bored if anxiety is not taking over just thinking about getting sick or that someone we love, gets infected. That’s why reading is so important during this hard times.

In order to make this situation a little more bearable, I made a list of my favorite book series so that you can give yourself a little escape from this bizarre reality!

All Souls Trilogy – Deborah Harkness

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice how crazy I went over this series this past year. I saw the TV show and I just knew I had to read the books! I’ve been actually writing reviews on each of the books in this series, so go ahead and check it out! I promise they’ll keep you super busy: A Discovery of Witches Shadow of Night The Book of Life

The Heart Series – L.H. Cosway

You guys already know I love L.H. Cosway. I think this series is the absolute best! You’ll laugh and cry so much, you won’t even remember what’s going on in the world. I give you my word it’ll keep you thoroughly entertained! Check out this review: Six of Hearts !

In the Land of the Long White Cloud- Sarah Lark

This is my favorite series by this author! The first book blew my mind so much I kinda spent one new year’s eve reading this instead of partying! I read this in Spanish though, therefore the review is also in this language : En el País de La Nube Blanca!

Nordic Royals – Karina Halle

I’ve read all the books in this series and I think they’re the perfect antidote to the panic going around. They’re funny in a way you’ll wonder if you peed your pants from laughing so much! I’ve written two reviews on this series: A Nordic King and The Royal Rogue !

Caroline & West – Robin York

I haven’t reviewed any of the books in this series yet! I read them when I was starting college and had blast reading them. Sometimes I would sneak my ipad in my notebook just so I could read during classes! I definitely recommend it. It’s about a young girl recovering after being exposed in a way no one deserves. In comes West and together they bring her confidence back. A really sweet story for these dark days!

More than anything, I wish that you guys stay healthy and safe! Remember it’s our responsibility to respect the quarantine. It’s basically the little control we have over getting ourselves infected or someone else. I really hope that this list will help you keep busy and not drive yourself crazy with uncertainty!