Ever been in the position of trying to convince someone that reading is EVERYTHING?!

Been there done that! Sometimes I feel like a lawyer representing the habit of reading. So next time someone trashes reading as something boring, here are 5 arguments you can throw at their face!


When you read, you’re capable of literally putting yourself on someone else’s shoes. You can experience their feelings through their thoughts and actions. Unconsciously, you start looking for traits similar to your own in each character. Hence, more empathy is created.

Think about a character where you have to justify his actions. Why? Cause you know from the bottom of your heart, that even though they’re wrong, they come from a good place. For example, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. They both act like idiots more often than not, but that didn’t stop me from loving them!

Improves focus

The habit of reading requires focus. What people don’t usually know is that this is a habit you can create! If you compromise to read a few pages a day or even one chapter, eventually you would be cursing life itself cause you don’t have enough time to read!


This may be an obvious benefit, since we all know that authors have to go through a huge round of research before writing a books first sentence. In my case, I’m a history junkie. Therefore, historical novels are definitely my favorite! I think it’s a fun way of mixing real facts with creativity, making this a fun way for me to learn about the past.

Even more interesting, when I read I feel like I’m traveling all around the world. Some times people wonder how I know so many facts about countries I’ve never been. What can I say? I’m a bookworm is a relevant answer.

Reduces Anxiety

Have you ever been stressed out about school , work or even worse, emotional drama?Well, I can say I know all three of them. Reading for me, is a temporary escape from reality. It gives me the opportunity of calming my heartbeat to a normal pace, so I can face my problems in a peaceful matter later on.

Develop Writing Skills

When I was in primary school, man I sucked in English. I even failed a comprehension and writing exam once, believe it or not!

After hours of tutoring and practice, I still couldn’t improve. It all changed when I developed a reading habit. My vocabulary started expanding without me even noticing, more over I started getting A’s on english assignments.

More importantly, if you ever fancy becoming a writer, there’s no better way to learn than by reading! You will learn how to create an actual scene where the reader travels into the world you’re creating.

Certainly, there are many more benefits from reading. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out 15 incredible benefits from reading every day by Justin Brown on Ideapod !

This activity can only bring great things to your life, so don’t think about twice and get yourself a book!