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Ever hear of the Power of Bibliography?

I’m always researching ways to maintain a stable and healthy mindset. I’m a big supporter of psychotherapy. I believe that everyone would benefit from sitting one hour with an unbiased person that is payed to just listen.

Most of the time we vent with the wrong person, only to suffer from gossip later on. More importantly, they might no be professionally prepared to listen to what we’ve got to say.

What is Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is basically a therapeutic approach that leans on literature. This is usually used as an aid to many types of therapies. If you’ve visited a shrink before, you’ll know they’ll usually recommend books to read in order to discuss on the next session.

Therapists will recommend self help books or even fiction books where we can relate with the character’s situation. For instance, in my therapy I was motivated to read Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, since it’s something I have to work on a daily basis.

Benefits of Bibliotherapy


Many therapists will recommend stories or self help books that relate to what you’re going through. I’ve always heard that putting yourself on other people’s shoes gives you an outsider’s perspective to your own issues. This is a convenient way of finding a solution, since you’re not biased. It’s like you’re on an airplane and you’re watching your life from above as a puzzle. You’ll see the pieces you have to move to finally put it all together.

Additional benefits to treatment

This is an easy way for your therapist to assign homework. So that means, you’re literally putting in practice what you discuss during therapy. Many accept advise, but they don’t follow through. Bibliotherapy can also be used as a prevention method, since you’re opening your mind to the existence of different problems and will know how to avoid them. More importantly, you’ll face life’s continuous challenges with wisdom and strength.


Reading will help you be more empathetic towards others. Especially when it’s combined with therapy. One of the greatest things this process has to offer, is to accept you’re not perfect. Therefore, this gives you a sense of humility as to accept that the people surrounding you are not perfect either. You start demanding a lot less from others and yourself.

Enhanced communication skills

Sometimes you’ll be reading a book along with a support group. This is amazing cause you can all share your different point of views and how the story can apply to your lives. This also gives you the opportunity of helping others which is also gratifying. Think of it as a book club!

If you want to know more benefits of reading, go read Top 5 Benefits of Reading According to The Book Meddler

As you can see, this form of therapy has multiple benefits. Another evidence of the goodness reading can bring into your life! If you want more info about Bibliotherapy, check out Bibliotherapy: Overview and Implications for Counselors by the American Counseling Association.

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