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Hey there fellow book meddlers! Hope everything is going well! I’m always looking for ways of sharing a bit more about myself but keeping it book themed somehow. That’s why I decided to share 20 bookish confessions that might suggest I’m that great of a reader, but I’m sure most of you might share.

The Book Meddler’s 20 Bookish Confessions

1. I’ve yet to read Harry Potter 🙈 One of my cousins used to be nuts about Harry Potter, she did got me to read Twilight but never this series, despite me loving all the movies.

Orden de Harry Potter: la mejor orden para ver las películas de

2. I read faster in English than Spanish, despite Spanish being my first language. I went to a British school since I was 4 years old. Most of my teachers were from the UK, therefore we were constantly motivated to do everything in english in order to improve it. That obviously meant reading the more you can in english instead of spanish.

How Did I Learn English?

3. I didn’t like classic books when I was in high school. I have to admit that reading a classic was particularly boring for me. I was a teenager for crying out loud! I was interested in romantic teen dramas, I mean Twilight was my favorite book at some point hahah!

There's a New Twilight Book Coming and My Heart Is Pounding

4. I don’t like taking books out of a library, I prefer to buy them, even if I end up broke 🤷‍♀️My dad used to tell me off when I was a teenager cause I would buy books with his credit card instead of borrowing them or using the school library 😅

5. I’m addicted to buying books. I literally LOVE buying books just to let them sit in my bookshelf for years on end. Not that I do this intentionally, but still love to hoard books!

6. I do judge books by their covers. Sorry not sorry.

7. I could spend hours roaming around a bookstore, looking for that perfect book to take home!

8. I was the only bookworm out of all my friends, which meant I would skip going out so I could keep reading!

9. Even though I consider myself a friendly and loving person, sometimes I prefer the company of books than having people around me 😂

10. My favorite place to read is my bed!

11. I do enjoy reading with background music, it’s like having a live movie going on in your head 😉

12. My favorite classic author- so far- is Jane Austen!

13. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book since I love the story and my fiancé proposed with it 😍

14. I prefer bookmarks than bending pages. I feel as if I’m attacking the book somehow 😅

15. I really enjoy historical fiction, cause I LOVE history!

16. I feel as if I’ve traveled the world through books. There’s nothing better than visiting a foreign country and already knowing amazing facts about it.

17. I absolutely love sharing books with my grandmother! It’s like we have our own personal book club 💁‍♀️

18. I prefer hardcovers over paperbacks ❤️

19. I can only read ebooks in English.

20. I dream of having my own library someday!

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