Hello there!

Ever wanted to visit Berlin? Well I feel you. I’ve been wanting to go ever since I was a little girl. You see, my family actually has some german heritage since my great-grandfather went to the Dominican Republic in 1912. However, he NEVER went back to Germany. Obviously, this woke up a sense of curiosity and since I’m living so close now, I decided to hop on a plane and visit Berlin for a weekend.

Although he was not exactly from Berlin, I have met a lot of people who have visited this city and they completely loved it. They always spoke about the culture variety you can experience everywhere you go and how surprisingly nice people are to one another. During that weekend, although it was freezing (you can see I’m wearing a beanie in almost every picture, that thing became my bestfriend) I could definitely see that with the locals.

Since we only went there for a weekend, we wanted to see the most of Berlin we could. Therefore, the first day we took a walking tour around the city, where we could explore the main sights it has to offer. We first explored the east side of the city, where we could see a lot of Stolperstein.

For those of you who don’t know what are these, they are cubic stones with brass plates that show engraved life dates and names of those victims that suffered from Nazi extermination.

The Stolperstein Project was created by German artist Gunter Demnig. It’s purpose is to show the last place of residence of all those Nazi victims that were killed during WWII. This way, if you’re walking around the city and see these stones, you know that these people lived in that precise building.

You can actually find them around Europe in other important cities. This is also known as one of the largest decentralized memorials in the world. In addition, we also visited the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was a shocking experience to be honest. It felt wrong to even smile while walking around the blocks.

Other than that, we went to Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall and got ourselves some currywurst! That’s basically sausage with curry and ketchup. I know for most of you it sounds disgusting, but trust me on this…IT’S AMAZING.

The next day, we took another tour that showed us different places around the city where you can appreciate street art. Among them, we got to see the astonishing East Side Gallery.

On another note, we all know that Berliners are known for being openly sexual and thinking outside of the box. Around the city you will find amazing establishments that force you to participate in unknown experiences.We got to enjoy drinks at the Fairytale Bar. A bar that runs on an Alice in Wonderland theme. I mean, OMG! When I first saw this on a list of recommendations, I said to myself ( and my boyfriend’s sister) that I definitely had to visit this place! This bar has a speakeasy vibe and they have the most original cocktail menus.

I got myself a Cinderella Drink, since Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess from all time! Turns out I got a heeled shoes as my drinking glass! Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the drink, but I will upload a few stories on my Instagram page! Make sure to follow @thebookmeddler!

Obviously this was one of my favorite places in Berlin. The place was flowing with Alice and Wonderland books and the service was great. We really had a great time!

If you’re to visit Berlin anytime soon, do make a reservation since the place is small and gets full very fast.

I hope you like these type of recommendations and if you want to know more, feel free to contact me!