Hey guys! So this time I’m sharing my TBR list for this summer!


I’ve had most of these books for a while now and for some reason I always skip reading them even though they’re by really great authors! Therefore, this summer I decided I was going to try and read most of them before I start my masters this fall.

  • Dracula- Bram Stoker


I’m guessing you guys know I’ve had this title since high school! Don’t judge! This is a very interesting point of my personality…I can be a little lazy from time to time…even when I get super interested in some subject or whatever I just procrastinate…I’m concluding this is what simply happened with Dracula. When I was a kid my mom would tell me all about Vlad Tepes, who some asume was the inspiration for Stoker’s Dracula. So yeah…it’s time to know more about this story!

  • Trilogy of fire – Sarah lark :


La estación de las flores en llamas

El rumor de la caracola

La leyenda de la montaña de fuego

I personally love the way Sarah Lark portraits New Zealand (Yes I know… I have a thing with this country in particular…I’m dying to go!) I was awestruck with her In the Land of the Long white Cloud series .  When I realized she had YET another series about New Zealand in a different time period, I just asked my boyfriend to get it for me as a valentine’s day gift (Best boyfriend in the world!).

  • The Spy – Paulo Cohelo


This novel is about Mata Hari, a dutch exotic dancer a a very famous spy for the germans during World War I. She was killed by a french firing squad when she was discovered doing the job of a double agent. As you can imagine, this woman had a very complicated and usual lifestyle. Being witness to huge tragedies like the death of her son and the constant abuse of her ex-husband until he won their daughter’s full custody. Not only is this story based on a real woman who played a key part in this war’s history, but I’m also interested to see Paulo Coehlo’s special twist within this story.

  • El Vagón de los Huerfanos (The Orphan’s Tale)- Pam Jenoff


I’ve seen this book in my amazon’s recommendation column for months on end! I know it’s a bestseller and it literally calls to Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephant lovers ( I’m one of them) to take a chance on this novel. My dad came back from a trip to Spain and saw this book in his messenger bag (that’s why I have the Spanish version)…I thought it was fate!

  • My Last Love Story – Falguni Kothari


If you guys haven’t noticed…I’m a sucker for love stories. Yes I do love romantic books, movies, you name it! When I saw this book on Amazon I just had to get it. The cover is beautiful and so is the synopsis. I think I’ve been avoiding this book cause I know it will be really sad and I don’t know about you…but when I watch a sad movie, yes I get sad for a little while, but when I READ sad stories I can feel the sadness everywhere and it takes more than a few hours for me to recover.

  • The Tea Planter’s Wife


Apart from love stories guess what? I love thrillers! I saw this book in a bookshop in Portland and I had to get it. The storyline kind of reminds me of Marguerite Duras The Lover, being in Asia during the 1920’s and all. I’m also thinking this might a have a few cool plot twists that make me look forward to reading this book.

I know you guys might think how am I gonna be able to read all these fat ass books and still go to work. I agree with you. I don’t know how I’m going to do it… BUT… I  promise  I’ll try and tell you all about it!

bench blur books color

Let me know if you’ve read any of these titles and your thoughts about them! I know some of them are in Spanish, but remember I’m Dominican and I usually read in both languages ( You can also get the english version of most of them).