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There is this unspoken Print Books or Ebooks feud. So I’ve decided to put some light on the pros and cons of ebooks in this post. You can probably decide which one is better for you after reading them!

What are Ebooks?

Ebook is just a short version of electronic books. This means you can read them in a digital format, instead of having them physically.

How do you get Ebooks?

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You can get an E-reader such as Kindle, Kobo and Nook. Additionally, you can download an app on your computer, tablet or phone! There is a wide variety of apps you can download such as Kindle or ibooks!

Pros and Cons of Ebooks

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Ebook Pros

  1. E-readers are way lighter than physical books.

Forget about those mega heavy hardcovers. This is very convenient for those readers that have some of these conditions: back pain, arthritis, hernias or any mobility issues. E-readers are pretty light, which means you can avoid spending a fortune in a bookstore and then wondering how to take all those books home! In this sense, they’re also perfect for traveling! Books often take a lot of space and add significant weight to your luggage. More importantly, they’re eco-friendly, since they don’t require the use of paper.

2. Ebooks are a lot cheaper than print books.

When you’re ordering books on Amazon, you’ll notice the price difference between a paperback and a kindle book. In addition, an ebook will be instantly delivered to any of preferable devices, whereas you’ll have to wait for the paperback to ship and more often then not, pay for said shipping. Amazon even counts with Kindle Unlimited! It’s a monthly subscription where you pay aprox. US$10.00 and you have access to numerous books. You can even borrow up to 10 books.

3. Sharing is caring!

You don’t have to worry about lending a book and never getting it back. You can totally do this using ebooks and having a record of who you lent it to and when!

4. Great Features!

You can actually adjust the font regarding format and size! You can also highlight the stuff you want to stand out and even take notes. Pretty useful when you want to share some thoughts on the book you’re reading.

Ebook Cons

  1. Planned obsolescence

In this era, we’re pretty certain that many devices have a planned obsolescence. You know that they’ll stop working after a while. This means, you’ll have to buy a new e-reader after a while, unlike print books that can last a life time under good care.

2. It’s easier to hack

Since the books become digitalized, piracy becomes a major concern. This way it’s very simple to distribute ilegal copies of books. So not convenient for authors, given they get no income for their work.

3. Your sight might be affected

E-readers are famous for including LCD screens. If you spend countless hours reading this might develop eye problems. Your eyes can get really irritated and tired. It is recommended that you read with lights on, despite your e-reader having an integrated brightness.

4. You can’t sell away your copy

A lot of people usually sell their books when they’re cleaning out their bookshelves. Unfortunately you can’t do this when you acquire ebooks. You might lend them for a limited time but that’s it.

So which one are you choosing Print Books or Ebooks?!

As you can see, e-books are very useful! However, they do have a few downsides. Print books, on the other hand, hold a great significance to most readers. Although they do occupy space, there’s nothing like the smell of an old book. They can become timeless. I have a lot of books that were read by my grandparents, long before I was born. So I kind of see them as some sort of heritage.

In my case, I read numerous ebooks in English but for some reason, I cannot read them in Spanish. Hence, why I own a wide collection of books in Spanish, although I do buy a lot print books in english too!

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