The Book Meddler’s Guide to Charming Verona 2019

Go ahead and read about my wonderful experience in Verona, Italy! Home to the Roman amphitheater, Verona Arena and the set for Shakespeare's most famous tragedy "Romeo and Juliet"!


The Book Meddler’s Guide to Beautiful Venice 2019

Venice has been on my bucket list for a really long time! I mean who doesn't want to go there? Gondolas, art and opera are one of the many things that make this one of the most romantic cities in the world! Known for the famous Biennale, you can find numerous exhibitions around the city… Continue reading The Book Meddler’s Guide to Beautiful Venice 2019

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Book Review: Del amor y otros demonios

Premio Nobel de Literatura “Una obra atrevida y cautivadora… García Márquez retiene una voz admirable y vital, y la pluma de un ángel”. —Los Angeles Times Book Review   El 26 de octubre de 1949 el reportero Gabriel García Márquez fue enviado al antiguo convento de Santa Clara, que iba a ser demolido para edificar… Continue reading Book Review: Del amor y otros demonios


Visiting Livraria Lello- Porto, Portugal

Hey there! So, I recently had the opportunity of visiting Porto with a group of close friends. Most of them know I’m very into books (that’s an understatement) and they pointed out if I knew about Livraria Lello. Surprisingly enough I didn’t, but thank god they brought that up, since you can imagine it was… Continue reading Visiting Livraria Lello- Porto, Portugal

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Visiting Selma’s precious Istanbul!

 .   Ever since I read Regards from The Dead Princess when I was 16, I had a profound desire to visit Istanbul.  The magic portrayed in Kenize Mourad’s words literally had me daydreaming about this city. I recently informed you guys about my recent move to Madrid, therefore my mom and I decided to make… Continue reading Visiting Selma’s precious Istanbul!