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Top 5 Book Series to read during this quarantine!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all safe and healthy during this Coronavirus crisis. In Dominican Republic, we’re already dealing with several cases, hence why most of us are already quarantined in our homes. This means, we sometimes get super bored if anxiety is not taking over just thinking about getting sick or that someone…

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¿Cómo crear el hábito de lectura?

¿Estas cansado de intentar leer y te aburres o sientes que no es lo tuyo? ¡Sigue mis consejos y verás como te vuelves un bookworm en cuestión de días!

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Top 5 Historical Fiction Novels about Imperial Russia

I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with Imperial Russia! I’m actually really sad that I still haven’t had the chance to visit this interesting country. Although there are tons of textbooks that give information about this period of time, I personally prefer to read historical fiction set in this era. It’s…

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Top 5 Benefits of Reading According to The Book Meddler

Ever been in the position of trying to convince someone that reading is EVERYTHING?! Been there done that! Sometimes I feel like a lawyer representing the habit of reading. So next time someone trashes reading as something boring, here are 5 arguments you can throw at their face! Empathy When you read, you’re…

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