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Book Review: Largo Pétalo de Mar

La primera novela que me digné a leer en español, fue La Casa de los Espíritus de Isabel Allende. Dado a que estaba en un colegio británico, leer en mi idioma nativo personalmente me aburría. No obstante, mi madre que es una lectora empedernida, me fue hablando de este libro en particular, y gracias a… Continue reading Book Review: Largo Pétalo de Mar

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Book Review: Forever My Saint

I recently received this ARC on my kindle! I'd like to thank Monica James for always taking me into account as one of her reviewers with this series. Due to my busy schedule, I haven't had time to read as much as I'd like, but you know I'll always try to make it work!… Continue reading Book Review: Forever My Saint

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Book Review: Sex, not Love

Hey guys! How's that summer going? So I took advantage of my time off and read Vi Keeland's Sex, not Love! We have Hunter and Natalia, two strongheaded people that meet at their best friends wedding respectively. After a kissing session during the wedding, she gives him the wrong number. When their friends have their… Continue reading Book Review: Sex, not Love