Ipad showing book cover of Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

En route to a tropical paradise, overworked and dedicated Aimee Myller is ready to begin her new life. But when the plane defects, the pilot, sexy Tristan Bress, needs to make an emergency landing in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.With no way to reach civilisation, being rescued is their only hope. A slim one that withers away, desperation taking its place. Because death wanders in the jungle under many forms: starvation, disease, and fangs of beasts.

Forced to fend for themselves, Tristan and Aimee begin to forage for food and shelter. As they fight for survival, they grow closer. Despite knowing he’s off limits, Aimee can’t deny her attraction to Tristan.

Tristan knows Aimee is the one woman he can’t have. But how can he fight love when she’s slowly becoming everything to him?

“You don’t need anyone. You’re like a star, Aimee. Stars shine from within. They don’t need anything else.”

Layla Hagen

Oh my god, I loved this book when I read it back in 2015!

Withering Hope by Layla Hagen is one of those books that stick with you even if time goes by in an instant. This is a super romantic story and it goes a lot deeper than you might think. I mean, there’s obviously a lot of retained sexual tension between characters but it goes beyond that.

Before the crash Aimee and Tristan, led very distant lives from each other. The limit between employer and employee was pretty clear, since he used to work for her fiancee. However, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t pinning for her in secret.

After everything basically goes to hell, they have no other choice but rely in each other for survival. They obviously start sharing a lot of personal stuff and getting to know one another on another scale. They let their guards down only to uncover a beautiful and selfless love that keeps on growing.

On top of that, they both start a journey of self realization where they realize they would rather be doing something else entirely with their lives. Practically what many of us are doing under this quarantine circumstances if you think about it!

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