They came together through love but violence threatened to tear them apart. Maria was young and innocent and had never known love—until Tony. And he, who had been seeking something beyond the savagery of the streets, discovered it with her.

But Maria’s brother was leader of the Sharks and Tony had once led the rival Jets. Now both gangs were claiming the same turf. Tony promised Maria that he would stay out of it. Would he be able to keep his word? Or would their newfound love be destroyed by sudden death?

I know what you guys are asking…Is there a book?!

This has to be one of the most famous plays ever. But yeah, there’s a book and it’s really good! This is one of those extremely weird scenarios where the book is written after the movie is made. I read it after they played this show at my school. I guess I have a thing with star crossed lovers. Maria and Tony are no exception!

As soon as they started advertising the play, I went on amazon and got myself a copy along with the movie. One week later, I knew this story off by heart! Obviously, the movie is also amazing with the beautiful Natalie Wood playing Maria, Richard Beymer as Tony and the witty Rita Moreno, the confident Anita.

I still haven’t seen the play live on actual theater- no offense to my school- I almost watched it in Spain, but I think this is a story that needs to be played en English. This in order to portray the tension between the Sharks and the Jets. Most of their differences were completely cultural between New Yorkers and Puerto Ricans.

I leave you here my favorite song of this play:

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