This book was actually given to me years ago by one of my mom’s friends! I remember loving it so much, I feel it totally deserves a review.

This is the story of Jacob Jankowski, a vet student at Cornell that finds out at the beginning of the book that his parents died violently in a car crash during the Great Depression Era. Being unable to present a final exam, he embarks on a random train that happens to be be carrying the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth! Here he gets a job as the circus’s designated vet.

Along Jacob, we meet the weirdest characters on earth such as August Rosenbluth, the circus’s manager and his wife Marlena, who’s responsible for the equestrian act. She later becomes Jacob’s love interest. He also gets involved in the world of acrobats, ringmasters and sword swallowers!

The whole group travels cross country discarding acts that have gone bankrupt. At some point they acquire Rosie, an elephant who loves lemonade and is unable to follow instructions! This becomes Jacob’s and Marlena’s goal, to bring her to perform and save the circus from financial ruin and August’s constant abuse.

Water for Elephants, is a book that will capture all your attention unconditionally. I remember reading it at school and running into people since I couldn’t put it down! I personally did not like 100% the movie, I thought they did missed a lot of details that are very important within the book.