Karina Halle has totally rocked my world with her royal series! I mean each one gets better and better. The Royal Rogue has to be my favorite so far!

I love reading about love- hate relationships (I don’t know why!) So, I must say this book fits this perfectly. I mean, although Princess Stella calls herself the “black sheep” of Denmark, she’s nothing compared to Prince Orlando of Monaco. In my opinion, she’s as proper as someone can be, a perfect princess, whilst Orlando only has his title to prove he’s a real prince.

Obviously these two don’t exactly get along at first, regardless of their sexual attraction of course. When Orlando’s family decides to go to Denmark on a Royal Scandinavian tour, he and Stella begin a somewhat friends with benefits dynamic…

Leaving a little surprise souvenir that forces them to know each other at another capacity. You see, a few weeks later, Stella realizes she’s pregnant with his child. I loved how, along the story they grow closer and closer, showing their best and worst sides. Although everything started a little intense with a baby and all, they fall deeply in love.

This book reminded me a lot of The Wild Heir! I had so much fun getting into Magnus’s head as well as Orlando. They both acted on impulse and found themselves with prim and proper princesses!

If you want to laugh out loud, I definitely recommend these two novels in this series!