The Outsiders was published in 1967, portraying the author’s high school experience. We acknowledge the social divisions between a community, through a teenage boy from a humble extract. Ponyboy Curtis has been brought up by his siblings after his parents die tragically in an accident.

His group, the greasers, is frequently marginalized by the socs. A group of preppy kids that go around throwing their priviledge to everyone’s faces. Both groups feed on conflict and hate.

Through Ponyboy, the reader goes through an inner conflict on what group is right and you realize that none of them are. You see, hating people based on what they wear or the people they hang out with, is something you can actually grow out of. However, if you nourish this behavior you’ll eventually end up resenting everything around.

An awesome fact about this story, is that the author was only 16 years old when she wrote it. Regardless of her age, she shows a maturity level that even elderly people lack these days. No matter the place or time, I believe this is a novel everyone can enjoy and learn so much from it.

You can experience brotherly affection and the importance of family. Even though Ponyboy was basically an orphan, he still had his brothers. He had somewhere to land on if things went wrong.

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