The Mister

So it’s been a while since I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey and I remember I was totally entrapped with the story. Therefore, I was really looking forward to E.L. James latest novel, The Mister.

All in all, coming from a romance lover’s point of view, I thought the plot was really good. We have Alexia, an Albanian immigrant, who’s working as a cleaner for Maxim. Maxim just lost his older brother and in that sense, inherited all of his responsibilities including an aristocratic title in the UK.

Obviously, Alexia and Maxim, are both amazingly good looking and once they met, they can’t stop thinking about each other. However, Alexia has been through some traumatic experiences, both at home and on her way to the UK. This past, follows her all the way to Cornwall, where their relationship really begins to bloom.

As I previously said, the plot was very inviting. On the other hand, I think the author did not take advantage of this at all. Honestly, I did not really like Maxim’s character at all.

He’s a photographer, model, DJ, composer and most recently, an Earl. The most intriguing part is that at the same time, he’s super lazy and does nothing but spend money he hasn’t worked for.

I know that the story is kind of a redemption for Maxim, you know, becoming a responsible adult and all that after his brother’s death. I just think that the author should’ve concentrated on one thing about this guy, is he an artist or a lazy brat? I think she should’ve inclined with the latter, since it’s the one that makes more sense.

Moreover, Alexia is a strong woman being an almost victim of human trafficking and her parents wanting to marry her off with practically a gangster. This character did not bother me so much because every time she needs saving, she saves herself, since Maxim is nowhere to be found when she’s in trouble.

I’ve read some awful reviews about this book and I sincerely don’t think it’s THAT bad. Sometimes people forget that it takes courage to publish something so I don’t think it’s okay to trash someone’s work that way.

In my opinion, I think the author has the potential to do something better, but maybe it’s a matter of taste? If you’re into damsel in distress and Cinderella stories, then I would probably recommend this to you.