For all those Kate Morton fans out there! You’ll definitely love this book. It really follows Morton’s writing style. Solomons bases this novel in an English manor in 1938.

Our heroine, Elise Landau, is an Austrian Jew that flees her country, when her community is threaten. Elise belongs to a rich family that served as patrons of many arts such as music. You can believe the adjustment it was to become a maid in England in a house where she could’ve easily been a guest herself. Unfortunately, she had to leave her family behind without any guarantee, that they would survive the Holocaust.

Just when she was finally adapting to her new role, here comes Kit. He’s the son of the Master at Tynford, therefore the rightful heir. Handsome and flirtatious, he soon wins Elise’s heart! However, England gets soon involved in the war and that changes absolutely everything.

Regarding Elise’s upbringing, being the daughter of a celebrated opera singer and a respected writer, we can acknowledge it was all very glamorous! It kind of reminds me of the life of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Although this jewish woman was a banker’s daughter, she later became one of Vienna’s most influential salon ladies. She would receive guests such as Gustav Mahler!

She was eternalized by the artist Gustav Klimt when her husband commissioned a portrait of her. Today, it’s one of the artist’s most celebrated paintings. There was even a rumor about an affair between Klimt and Adele, since she was one of his biggest supporters and he used her as a model several times later. However, this was never confirmed. The Nazis later on, confiscated their belongings. If you want to know more about this, you should watch The Woman in Gold.

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Ok, got a little side tracked there!

The House at Tynford is an amazing story of a young girl who’s world is constantly changing. She left her family in order to survive an ordeal like the Holocaust. She falls in love, but her beau is sent way because of the war. There were times where Elise could not endure anything else.

On the other hand, there’s a special character that builds importance along the novel. That is Christopher Rivers, the Master of Tynford and Kit’s father. He’s the stability within the story and he’s the one that picks up the pieces of every circumstance that presents itself.

I’m warning you guys, expect a plot twist! Cause there’s a HUGE one.