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April Adult box: The Herd by Andrea Bartz

As you guys must know by now, I belong to the Book Club VIP program of Once Upon a Book Club!

You get a certain amount of wrapped up gifts, and you can only open them when you’re at a certain page throughout the book. The gifts are completely related to the story, so it’s as if you’re part of it yourself.

What is The Herd by Andrea Bartz about?

The name of the elite, women-only coworking space stretches across the wall behind the check-in desk: THE HERD, the H-E-R always in purple. In-the-know New Yorkers crawl over one another to apply for membership to this community that prides itself on mentorship and empowerment. Among the hopefuls is Katie Bradley, who’s just returned from the Midwest after a stint of book research blew up in her face. Luckily, Katie has an in, thanks to her sister, Hana, an original Herder and the best friend of Eleanor Walsh, the Herd’s charismatic founder.      
Eleanor is a queen among the Herd’s sun-filled rooms, admired and quietly feared even as she strives to be warm and approachable. As head of PR, Hana is working around the clock to prepare for a huge announcement from Eleanor—one that will change the trajectory of the Herd forever. Though Katie loves her sister’s crew, she secretly hopes that she’s found her next book subject in Eleanor, who’s brilliant, trailblazing—and extremely private.
Then, on the night of the glitzy Herd news conference, Eleanor vanishes without a trace. Everybody has a theory about what made Eleanor run, but when the police suggest foul play, everyone is a suspect: Eleanor’s husband, other Herders, the men’s rights groups that have had it out for the Herd since its launch—even Eleanor’s closest friends. As Hana struggles to figure out what her friend was hiding and Katie chases the story of her life, the sisters must face the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other—and confront just how dangerous it can be when women’s perfect veneers start to crack, crumble, and then fall away altogether.

What I thought of the book

This is a very well plotted psychological thriller! I loved how it has a feminism sub-genre involved in the story. The Herd demonstrates the power of female empowerment and how women should ALWAYS support each other no matter what. However, it also portrays the power of envy and how it can really screw your mind.

This is what basically happens between Eleanor, Hana, Mikki and Katie. Eleanor was the big star that allowed them all to respectively shine. The only one who was kind of independent of said light, was Katie. That is until she blows a book opportunity by getting involved with the wrong person. Where does she go when everything goes to hell? The Herd!

After Eleanor’s sudden disappearance, they realize she was not as perfect as she seemed. For instance, they acknowledge that she had an open marriage. Which might be the ideal scenario for some, but I don’t really share that opinion. If you need more people in your life, that means that the person who should answer to your needs is not really cutting it.

More over, we get to experience how Eleanor, Mikki and Hana, were all connected something more sinister than just a business venture and friendship. Guilt is powerful thing.

If you enjoy thrillers, then this might be something you could enjoy. I gave 3 stars on goodreads, since it’s not really my cup of tea. Regardless, I think it was very well written and the plot was amazing.

The Herd Gifts

images by @The_Bookish_Runner

  1. Post it with numbers that Hana used to track Eleanor when she disappeared.
  2. Gleam make up brushes with a Girl Power make up case!
  3. Portrait of Frida Kahlo (a favorite of Eleanor)
  4. A craft organizer where a murder weapon was held!

This gifts were amazing! I believe the Once Upon a Book Club team really made an effort this month, taking into account the whole coronavirus situation.

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