Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a blast with friends and family! So, because of work I haven’t been able to write as many reviews as I want, hence the delay in sharing this.

I really appreciate Karina Halle sending an arc a few weeks ago for me to read! As always, I had a blast reading it. This book is slightly more special than the others since it’s set in my beloved Madrid. BEST CITY EVER!!!

Photo by Alexis Azabache on Pexels.com

I had the opportunity of living there last year and it was amazing! If you want to know more about my time there, feel free to read: The Book Meddler’s Guide to Madrid 2019. Now I’m back to Dominican Republic and this book made me feel completely nostalgic about Spain.

This book is also special because of the whole forbidden YOUNGER man thing. Personally I thought I wasn’t going to like it, since I can’t see myself with younger men. I mean, there’s almost a 20 year difference between Thalia and Alejo.However, it was ADDICTING to say the least. Guess if I see myself alone in the future, I might consider it myself…

So that was the “younger ” part of the problem. Oh yeeeees, he’s also forbidden. You see Thalia is a physical therapist for one of the most exclusive soccer teams in Europe, Real Madrid. Oh and wait for it…Alejo is part of the team! So you know, sexual tension is pouring out of those pages.

More over, these where two very brave characters that had dealt with tragedy in different ways. Thalia, the loss of her first marriage among other things. Alejo, lost his father in a horrible way. I guess lust brought them together at first, but they didn’t expect this special connection they created later on.

Another amazing thing to point out is that Mateo and Vera appear in this story! If you’re a fan of the Love, In English series, you’ll who I’m talking about. If you don’t, you might want to start with this steamy series first!

As I said before, this was an amazing book to read! You’ll feel like a total spaniard after reading it.