Recently, I’ve been going down memory lane to my last summer before I started college. I distinctively remember it as the summer I read The Breathing Series. Man, did they blew my mind. I would stay up late as to 3am so I could keep on with Evan and Emma!

Emma Thomas is this orphan girl who lives with her aunt and uncle in Weslyn, Connecticut. More importantly, she has been physically abused by her aunt who can’t stand her very presence in their house. As you can imagine, she’s used to keeping to herself and not precisely mixing with other people. While most of the students at her high school are worried about what to wear and such, her worries consist of hiding her bruises so no one can see.

Everything changes when a boy moves to town and intrudes her high school paper with new ideas. Here comes Evan Mathews. I think he’s the sweetest and most loyal book boyfriend ever. With his certain charm he’s able to introduce Emma to happiness for the first time in her life.

What I most love about this series, is how Rebecca Donovan realistically portrays the growth of this couple through out all three books. They’re faced with challenges that not only question their ability to stay together, but to stay sane. For example, Emma heals on her own at some point, learning to love herself. Nevertheless, we have 2 people that fight for their dreams and no matter what happens, they always find each other back.

If I were to rate this series, I would give it 5 stars without any thought! So if you still haven’t decided on what to read for what remains of summer, I definitely recommend The Breathing Series!