I finally had the chance to finish this series!

As expected, it’s a story full of details hence why it takes a little longer to read. At least in my case! In this final scoop within Mathew’s and diana’s lives, we get to meet their much awaited twins!

More over, we also get to meet more profoundly one of Mathew’s sons, Benjamin, who turns out to be the main villain in this volume. Apparently, whilst our favorite couple is doing research on Mathew’s condition, blood rage, as well as why Diana got pregnant with Mathew’s children. He’s also doing his own private research by constantly raping witches.

Obviously the situation with the Congregation, Benjamin’s threats and constant tension with Baldwin, they’re barely keeping it together. They know all their answers will be in the Book of Life, if they can get to it before Benjamin gets his hands on it.

I don’t want to keep giving spoilers! But you guys have to read this!

Believe me when I tell a lot of stuff will finally make sense. In addition, a lot of the things that happen are completely unexpected, since we run into characters that we thought were long gone such as Father Hubbard and Jack Blackfriars!

I would’ve loved to read more about their twins, though. More on their new acquired abilities and how challenging this must’ve been for their parents.

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