Slammed was the first book I ever read by Colleen Hoover. I remember skipping the gym after school, so I could keep on reading this beautiful story. It literally hooks you up after the first chapter, as it happens with all her books.

Layken Cohen is an 18 year old girl who just lost her dad. In order, to make ends meet her mother decides to move the family to Michigan from Texas, since she could get a better job here instead. Dealing with loss at such a young age, Layken is finding it hard to adapt to her new life, where she had to leave all her friends behind on the verge of her senior year.

Her younger brother, Kel soon becomes best friends with Will’s younger brother, their 21 year old neighbor. Will has been forced to take responsibility for him after their parents died tragically when he was 18. Just when Layken was pulling boxes into the house, they meet and their attraction is instant.

They actually go on a date to a poetry slam, whom Will is a devoted fan. After this, they develop feelings for each other. Except there’s a little problem. Soon after, when Layken starts school, guess who’s the new poetry teacher?


Obviously, this just makes everything a lot more complicated, since Will really needs the money to support his brother. They eventually develop a platonic relationship, where they support each other under the horrible circumstances they find themselves in.

Will has to be one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time. He’s sweet and attentive to all her needs!

Watch out though, this is not exactly a happy story, you’ll find yourself crying more often than not. However, it’s not precisely sad either. It’s about finding the positive side of bad things that happen. 

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