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If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I’ve been indulging on this series for quite some time now! I even made a comparison between the book and the TV show – TV vs. Book: A Discovery of Witches. You can see my thoughts on the adaptation and the first book in this blog post!

I must admit I never heard of this series before the show came out! Embarrassing I know, but it did blow my mind. You see, it’s been a really long time since I read anything close to fantasy but Deborah Harkness actually makes you believe that there are witches, vampires and daemons! Her account on this story is so detailed that you can appreciate the character’s emotions and surroundings as if you were living this story yourself.

Another important detail on this series, is that each book gets better and better. I just finished Shadow of Night (book two in the All Souls Trilogy) and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. As I said before, I’m a history junkie and in this book, Mathew and Diana see themselves forced to travel to the sixteenth century in order to hide from the Congregation and Peter Knox.

As you can imagine, this was a dream come true for Diana ( and me!). This gave her the opportunity to evaluate another aspect of Mathew and how time made him evolve into the quiet professor she fell in love with in the first place. All the same, Mathew behaves as a man who lived in this century adopting customs that were long gone in the present. Although, this means that she gets to see a side of him she didn’t know, they grow only closer.

They get to meet Mathew’s father, Phillipe. Despite not agreeing at first on this union, he puts upon himself the responsibility of solidifying it with an actual marriage, taking the role of Diana’s father as well. More over, they get to interact with numerous characters in history such as Queen Elizabeth I!

I personally don’t want to ruin this with more spoilers, but you guys have to know how amazing this book is! I can imagine you can’t also wait for season 2 of the show! I actually made myself promise I would read the book before watching the show this time, so expect a full review on that as well.