Hey guys! How’s that summer going?

So I took advantage of my time off and read Vi Keeland‘s Sex, not Love!

We have Hunter and Natalia, two strongheaded people that meet at their best friends wedding respectively. After a kissing session during the wedding, she gives him the wrong number. When their friends have their first kid, they reunite after 9 months and she gives him her mom’s phone number this time. What she doesn’t expect, is to see him at her mom’s sunday dinner!

Hunter is charming and has a VERY dirty mouth. I know, perfect combo right?! He’s the kind of guy, that’s completely forward and says what he’s thinking with an ego larger than the universe. However, he does have a past that involves a lot of tragedy.

On the other hand, Natalia’s nursing a broken heart after her husband was arrested for a ponzi scheme and left her with a pile of debt and a 15 year old teenager to take care of. You can probably see why she’s not exactly looking for a relationship.

I guess this a slow burn romance since it takes a while for them to finally complete a sex, not love agreement. All the same, the banter between these two is to die for. You’ll crack up 80% of the times Hunter speaks. Also, we romance readers know that those kind of agreements never work…they become crazy about each other!

Overall, I really enjoyed myself with this book. I thought it was funny, although there are times when you’ll shed a tear or two. It depends of the coldness of your heart I suppose. I really recommend this book if you want something light and easy to read. I actually read this in 2 days, so it’s very entertaining…especially for you ladies!