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This time around, I’m sharing the book review of Remembrance by Rita Woods as the first book I’ve ever read using the Once Upon a Book Club subscription! Remember I was selected as BookClubVIP! I must say guys, this experience is AMAZING!

You get a certain amount of wrapped up gifts, and you can only open them when you’re at a certain page throughout the book. The gifts are completely related to the story, so it’s as if you’re part of it yourself.

So you must be wondering…

What is Remembrance by Rita Woods about?

“The World will tell you secrets but you must be still and ready to hear.”

Rita Woods

Remembrance by Rita Woods, is a book that tells the story of four women in different time periods. We have Gaelle, who’s a Hatian woman that migrates to the United States after a devastating earthquake hits Haiti in 2010. We also have Margot, Abigail and Winter that are runaway slaves during the 1800’s that part from Louisiana to magical place called Remembrance in the middle of the Ohio Forest.

They all posses certain magical abilities. For instance, Margot could diagnose if someone was ill. Abigail, possessed the ability of keeping Remembrance secluded from white folks. Winter, could disintegrate objects or people just by seeing them as a composition of particles. Gaelle could fire up things.

I really enjoyed the use of magical realism in this story! It’s beautiful the way the author describes the magic that connect all these strong women. We also get a realistic glimpse of what it meant to be a slave. The abuse and injustice just break your heart into tiny pieces over and over again.

Overall it’s a great book, if you’re interested in this time period. But I don’t think the experience would’ve been the same without OUBC!

What were the gifts?

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  1. Pestle & Mortar Set to represent Grandmère’s wooden bowl to make lavender remedies.
  2. Wooden Disk that belonged to Hercule, Abigail’s husband.
  3. Locket that Grandmère gave to Margot and Veronique before they left, so they could always remember her.
  4. Tea strainer to make Remembrance’s signature apple tea!

As you can see, all the gifts are completely related to the story. For me, the gifts were something to look forward to. Therefore, it motivates you to keep on reading.

I really encourage you guys to try out this new reading method. Especially during this hard times. It definitely gives you something to look forward to.

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