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Regretting You has a different touch from all Colleen Hoover’s novels. This one is told by the point of view of a mother and her daughter. Morgan and Chris were only 17 when they had Clara. This means they had to grow up all of a sudden to be there full time for Clara.

In my opinion, they didn’t end up bad at all, for most teenage parents. Chris goes to college and lands a high paying job, whilst Morgan ends up being a house wife. However, at the beginning we get a glimpse of Morgan’s life before getting pregnant and you can tell she had her eyes on someone else other than Chris, as well as dreams of her own, but that’s soon forgotten when she has Clara.

You see, Morgan is the kind of person that sacrifices everything for other people. Her sister Jenny, for instance. Since their mother was pretty absent, Morgan took on that role in Jenny’s life. This is how Jenny always looks for advice or guidance in Morgan even though they’re only about a year apart.

Whilst Morgan is more measured, Jenny is super impulsive. Hence, why she finds herself pregnant with her high school boyfriend, Jonah. Jonah and Chris were best friends during high school, so when he decides to date Jenny for a brief period, they would all hang out together. On the other hand, when Morgan gets pregnant he goes to college out of state and looses touch with everyone, until his father died and had a one night stand with Jenny that brings them sweet Elijah.

Morgan is kind of conflicted about this, since she and Jonah use to have a connection. Whereas Chris and Jenny were wild cards, Jonah and Morgan were more levelheaded. However, Jonah was her sister’s boyfriend and she would never do something like that. But now he’s back in their lives and she doesn’t know how to address it.

Clara’s 17 years old and Morgan is turning 34 years old. Quite young yet, don’t you think? But she leads the life of a mid 40 house wife. Predictable is how Clara calls her.

Clara who is full of life, wanting to be an actress despite the fact that her parents want her to get a “safer” career. She’s an amazing student, all in all a really good girl. She finds herself intrigued by Miller Adams, though. The one boy she’s told to stay away from. But we know how that works…tell a teen not to do something and it’s like giving them a green light to do it.

Unfortunately Chris, who was the filter between Morgan and Clara, finds himself in a terrible accident. Introducing tragedy for the first time in their daughter’s life. The rest of the book is how mother and daughter deal with a tragic loss that detangles horrible secrets and betrayal.

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No more spoiler other than this is a definite must read. It kind of made me feel really lucky for the mother I have and god forbid we ever find ourselves in any kind of conflict.