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Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is a thriller involving the death of Rebecca de Winter, wife to Manderley heir, Maxim de Winter. The story takes course after Maxim marries again and brings his young bride to his precious Manderley. However, she finds it hard to fit in when Rebecca’s ghost follows her everywhere…

Blurb: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

“Last Night I Dreamt I went to Manderley Again…”

With these words, the reader is ushered into an isolated gray stone mansion on the windswept Cornish coast, as the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter recalls the chilling events that transpired as she began her new life as the young bride of a husband she barely knew. For in every corner of every room were phantoms of a time dead but not forgotten—a past devotedly preserved by the sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers: a suite immaculate and untouched, clothing laid out and ready to be worn, but not by any of the great house’s current occupants. With an eerie presentiment of evil tightening her heart, the second Mrs. de Winter walked in the shadow of her mysterious predecessor, determined to uncover the darkest secrets and shattering truths about Maxim’s first wife—the late and hauntingly beautiful Rebecca.

Book Review: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t enjoying much this book at the beginning. However, half way in I couldn’t put the book down! It’s a story that just captures your attention in every right way. Then you realize, you’re completely lost in the book!

The story is told by the second Mrs. de Winter, from the second she meets her prospective husband. By the way, she’s never named in the whole book since the author never knew what to call her. No name was good enough.

This woman comes from humble origins and she’s very intimidated by Maxim’s great wealth and the ghost of his first wife, Rebecca. He doesn’t talk about her at all and she assumes that’s because he’s still grieving her death. Everyone talks about how special, beautiful and accomplished this Rebecca was and she feels she has to fill in her shoes somehow but has no idea how to do it.

At first, she tries to win Mrs. Danvers sympathy, Manderley’s housekeeper and Rebecca’s confidant. In my opinion, I would’ve fired her ass the minute I put my foot in that house but she was so concerned of maintaining everything the way it was in order to avoid more grief to her beloved husband, she never even considered it.

What I loved the most about this novel, is the numerous plot twists we come across in the story. Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers! But I promise you they’ll blow your mind!

Movie: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I have to admit that if I hadn’t read the book before watching it, I would’ve loved this version! But, I don’t think they respected the book as much. This was a bummer cause I really dig all the actors they chose, especially Lilly James as Mrs. de Winter.

It’s not a bad film at all, it just bugs me when they don’t respect the story line as much. I’ve yet to see the Hitchcock version and I’m looking forward to it!

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