I was really excited about this new book since it’s based on a taboo subject and if you read my review on Birthday Girl, you’ll know I’m kind of into that. More importantly, I love music, so the fact that our heroine was a gifted violin player had me even more eager to read this story.

I honestly think the story line the author was following was amazing. Samantha Brooks is a famous violin prodigy that lost her father at a very young age. Apparently, he wasn’t a nice man so she does harbor some daddy issues. Since she had no one else, Liam North claims custody of her. He’s a man she didn’t know before her father’s death and just assumed he was being a good Samaritan.

Liam is of course, is very good looking and super macho, being a successful business owner and an ex-soldier. So, the taboo comes in. Guess what? They both have feelings for each other. The problem besides him being her legal guardian is that he’s more than ten years her senior.  

The story starts the moment when she’s getting ready to face the reality of leaving him for a very important tour. This is when they both begin to at least be honest to themselves about their feelings. Liam, on the other hand is also a very troubled man that came from a terrible childhood and thinks he’s not capable of loving anyone fully.

At the end of the book we’re left with a huge cliffhanger about Samantha’s father and how Liam had to do with his supposed death.

I can’t say I felt connected in any way with this book. I finished it because I wanted to write this review and to see if it got better at some point. But I think that the buildup between Liam and Samantha was too slow. To top that up, I think that a lot of things weren’t being at all realistic, like Liam taking Samantha’s virginity because he thought he was dreaming. Exactly. I think in real life you can tell the difference, thank you very much.

Moreover, how come a guy no one knew, especially Samantha, takes custody of her out of nowhere? I really hope these questions will be answered in the following book, since I really think the story has potential to get better.

All in all, as I said before I think the theme is amazing, but in my opinion the author did not reach the goal of making this story as awesome as it could be. If you guys think I might be wrong, let me know if there’s something I missed so I can give it the chance it deserves!