One Hot Italian Summer by Karina Halle is a novel about the romance between a young Italian single dad and a Scottish grieving author! This story will transport you to the beautiful Italian landscape and its flavor.

Blurb: One Hot Italian Summer by Karina Halle

An author finds inspiration in Tuscany in the form of a hot Italian single dad…
This summer is going to be a scorcher.

A writer who’s blocked–I’m a total cliche.

Lucky for me, my agent has a cure that’s an even bigger stereotype–a month at her villa in Tuscany, with nothing to do but find my muse.

When he walks right in the front door, adorable son in tow, it feels like fate has finally done for me what it does for every other cliche’d girl I’ve seen in the movies. Except that he’s completely off-limits. In this case, business and pleasure can never mix.

Because Claudio is my agent’s ex.

Still, he’s smart, charming, and wickedly sexy, plus a great father to Vanni. He’s fast becoming the cure to all my writing woes. And it’s clear he wants me as much as I want him.
As the hot Italian summer wears on, it becomes harder and harder to resist. Succumbing to the heat even just one time could ruin my career.

Or he could be exactly what I need.

Book Review: One Hot Italian Summer by Karina Halle

The author had me at Italian! I absolutely love Italy, it is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited. I always say that Tuscany has a distinctive color that sets apart this region from others. In addition, the food is to die for. So what can I say? When Karina Halle announced she was writing this, I couldn’t resist!

I know it took me a little longer to read this, since it was released in July and I read it in October! But I’ve been in between houses right now and life is a little more complicated under these circumstances. However, I’m so looking forward to settle in one place already so I can I have my reading nook back!

Coming back to One Hot Italian Summer…

This book was awesome in every aspect. For instance, I adored Grace. I think she has to be one of the most realistic heroines, Halle has ever written. She’s honest about her struggles in a way we can all see ourselves in her position.

On the other hand, Claudio is a sweet sexy beast with a huge heart. He’s an outstanding father to Vanni, putting his bizarre cute son above anything else. Moreover, he helps Grace find her muse again, and she helps him find his.

As readers, we get to experience this forbidden romance and all the benefits that Italy has to offer, especially during the summer. We learn about their dreams and aspirations as artists, since Claudio is a talented sculptor.

If you’re looking for a light read to chill and relax, this is it! Don’t think about it no longer and go grab your copy, like now! For more reviews on Karina Halle’s books, Click here!

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