R.S. Grey never seems to disappoint. She’s one of the many authors I follow on social media and I absolutely love to watch her with her baby daughter. When she posts a new story on her feed, although I’m usually hoping for a new release, I also hope to see Hallie growing into the curious little girl she’s becoming. More over, this author is very real about her writing. I’ve come across stories where she’s defending her work (as anyone should) and how it has led to the stability of her family. You go girl!

Since it’s almost the 8th of March, Women’s International Day, I wanted to point out how R.S. Grey is another inspiration for us females. A woman that decides to go ahead and follow her heart with her writing. Although this might sound kinda stalkerish, it’s wonderful to see her share her experience as a new mom and working toward deadlines AND still work out and look amazing!

When I recieved the email, saying I was selected to review an ARC of her newest release, Make Me Bad, I was beyond thrilled. I’ve been reading this author for a few years now, even reviewed previous ARCs. So I was certain this wouldn’t let me down.

Her ability to make the reader’s mood change through her writing is amazing. There have been several occasions where I’ve been feeling at my lowest, and when this happens, my coping mechanism is reading as much as I can. I assume that most of you can relate to this.

Last week, I got some bad news and was going through exams, but consequently a new gift was delivered to my kindle. This was the best timing ever! I got to escape into the story like the badass reader I am and enjoy every minute of it.

Madison has to be one of my favorite book heroines ever! I can totally relate to her love of books (don’t we all?) and her socially awkward (but still fighter) attitude. More importantly, she touched my heart by the way she cared for her brother and father.

I love my mother to death, she’s one of the people who have surrounded my life with books and art, but I’m also a daddy’s girl. So there’s another similarity I could point out with Madison’s personality and my own!

You must be wondering, what about Ben? Oh Ben, what can I say?

You have to be ready to encounter this much perfection in only one man. Handsome. Lawyer. Madison’s partner in crime- literally-and most of all he can’t help but be captivated by Madison’s uniqueness and her aspirations.

All in all, this is a funny and adorable love story. Madison will make you laugh out loud with her continuous attempts at being a bad girl, but let’s say that doesn’t exactly work out. Even when she wants to be bad, she can’t help but be good. It’s also entertaining, reading about Ben’s conflicting feelings and his bouts of jealousy now and again.

I don’t want to bring spoilers, cause I really want you guys to read this and tell me what you thought! You have my word that you’re going to enjoy these 300 pages and wish for more!