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How would you feel if you’re stranded on an island with a guy you don’t exactly get along with- plus two dorks?! Lovewrecked by Karina Halle is that scenario come to life!

“How are we going to get through this?” she asks, her voice quiet against the roar of the downpour, the rain running into her eyes, her mouth. “Not just this storm, but all the days ahead of us?”

“One sunrise at a time,” I tell her. “One sunrise at a time, and with me by your side. Okay?”

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Lovewrecked Blurb

Daisy Lewis is experiencing a relentless string of bad luck.

Fortunately, Daisy has her sister’s destination wedding coming up. A week of sand, sea, and sun in the South Pacific as the maid-of-honor is exactly what Daisy needs to forget her upturned life and focus on the positive.

That is until Daisy meets the best man.

If you take tall, dark, and handsome, and add a dash of rugged, a pinch of brooding, and a whole lot of sexy, you’ve got Tai Wakefield. Unfortunately he’s also a major grump, total alpha, and seemingly out to antagonize Daisy at every turn.

As if being part of the wedding party with Tai wasn’t bad enough, Daisy’s bad luck soon resurfaces when she ends up on a cramped sailboat with Tai and the newlyweds.

Which then shipwrecks on a deserted island near Fiji.

Okay, so they aren’t completely alone. There’s an oddball research scientist who has been isolated for far too long, they have rundown bungalows as shelter, stores of water and canned food, plus a feral goat named Wilson.

It’s Lost…without the smoke monster.

But with rescue weeks away, Tai and Daisy realize the only way they’re going to get through this mess is to stop fighting and start working together.
And with their guards down, they get closer.

A lot closer.

Soon, Daisy realizes that the only thing worse than being stuck on a deserted island, is being stuck on a deserted island with a man she hates to love and loves to hate.

A man that can break her heart. 


This story was oh so funny. I don’t usually laugh by myself. It’s kind of a challenge if you think about it. However, in Lovewrecked I was laughing all the time. I even stopped conversions around me just to share a funny moment in this book. Like, when Tai had an awful encounter with some evil toilet paper.

I was crying. For real. Big fat tears from laughing so hard.

The other day I was asked to recommend the perfect book for this quarantine, and Lovewrecked was the winner. I know this is what the author intended from the beginning. To cause some reprieve of these dark times we are living.

That’s exactly what this book does to you. Even though we’re talking about a castaway situation, you’re kept your good spirits throughout the whole book. All the characters are distinctly unique. Daisy’s sister and her husband must be the dorkiest characters I’ve ever read about, but they’re also super confident and don’t put up with anything.

Tai is a grumpy ass dude. However, soon after we get why he’s the way he is. He lost his beloved sister when they were teenagers and on top of that, he also had been through heartbreak in his previous marriage. On the other hand, Daisy was going through recently losing her job AND caught her former boyfriend cheating with one of her friends. That kind of ended with sandwich ingredients being thrown all over her apartment. Who am I to judge?

Although, Tai and Daisy are constantly pretending not to like each other, they can’t help the attraction between them. Therefore, the sexual tension between these two is on FIREEEEEE. I loved how Tai had to bite his cheeks several times, to avoid laughing at Daisy’s occurrences! All in all, they spend most of the time on the island trying to push each other’s buttons.

As I said before, I LOVED THIS BOOK! I think it was an amazing gift from Karina Halle. Trying to make us happy when all we feel is impotence and anxiety regarding our future. I promise you guys this is the perfect getaway from your problems, even if only for a little while!

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