So, I left high school about 6 years ago and it feels like ages. Reading this story reminded me of all the drama you live during this phase of your life and had me feeling nostalgic all of a sudden. That free time after school that was supposed to be dedicated to homework, but in my case more to reading, watching movies and hanging out with my friends. More importantly, the fact that I could eat EVERYTHING and not gain ½ a pound the next day.

One of my main activities was to binge watch series and eating all types of snacks. Sandwiches, Doritos with cream cheese, chocolate chip cookies and better yet, chocolate cake. If I wasn’t watching tv, then I was probably spending my afternoon with friends visiting some of the local restaurants eating chicken fingers, tequeños and empanadas, whilst solving our meager life problems. Looking back, it seems like I had a problem with food.

However, once I started college, that freshman fifteen became a real thing. Right now, I just wonder whoever invented all those tasty junk foods is actually a real dick, specially to women. I say this, cause it’s a lot harder for women to tone up and lose weight than for men!

Any who, let’s go back to main topic here. Kiss and break up was so good! Both main characters had me on my feet the whole time.

Peggy is this sweet teenager that is recently blooming after getting her braces off and fashioning a new haircut. She has this special relationship with Dash. Who is her mom’s former best friend’s son. Dash and Peggy have this bond that no one dares try to break, until Peggy decides to get out of her cocoon and start to date!

Now here is where we appreciate our brooding Dash. Full of melodrama and teenage despair, Dash can’t simply handle the fact the Peggy is catching the attention of other guys including himself. Therefore, we have jealous Dash in action about 24/7. Honestly, this was my favorite part of the story. It was so funny!

Now, Peggy isn’t blind, she knows Dash is a catch on its own, but she doesn’t feel he’s capable of having a serious relationship. So, this means she doesn’t really like the idea of them together, at first. However, Dash convinces her that she needs to practice certain…tecniques…so that she doesn’t embarrassed herself with other guys.

You guessed right! This definitely changed everything about their friendship, but I’m not giving any more spoilers until you read this book!