Hey guys! Are you ready for spring break?!

If you are, then you have to spend an afternoon reading this awesome novella!

From my previous reviews, you have probably noticed I really love Samantha Young’s writing. Ever since I read On Dublin Street, during my sophomore year of college, I’ve been a die hard fan of her work. More than that, I can’t absolutely wait to go to Scotland. The way she describes her beautiful country just makes me want to hop on a plane like yesterday, and visit those amazing cities and indulge on the sexiest accent ever!

Before reading this, I really recommend reading Play On first, so you can follow on the other characters mentioned in the story and understand who Autumn O’Dea really is and what she’s been through. However, I did not read any of Kristen Proby’s books before, but it’s a definite must after reading Hold On. I can’t wait to know more about Grayson King and the rest of his family!

This is an almost love at first sight kind of story. They both meet in the funniest way ever (not gonna give you any spoilers, so don’t worry!) and then, they can’t stop thinking about each other. I can’t even start to explain how I loved Grayson’s wooing. There’s nothing sexier than a man who makes his mind about something and doesn’t stop still he gets it.

Being spring break and all, this is a great read for the plane or going to the beach! I promise this will make you laugh, swoon and cry all at the same time!