Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA for a while now. Long story short, I moved back to my home country, Dominican Republic. That means starting a new job and adapting to living again with my parents (If you know what I mean!). I decided to read something light, during my first few days back. Therefore, I chose L.H. Cosway’s newest release Happy- Go- Lucky!

Man did I have fun with this book. Personally, I loved the whole idea of the main characters being part of a private investigator firm. This means that the reader has to solve cases along with them.

Our heroine is one of the sweetest I’ve ever read. Maisie Wilkins (nicknamed Happy-Go-Lucky by her parents) is a girl who’s used to getting out of her way to help others, hence her nickname. On the other hand, we have Cameron Grant, a private investigator who’s not to be messed with. What do they have in common? Oh yeah, they work at the same firm where Maisie is actually a researcher soon to be a private investigator herself.

You must be wondering…how do these two end up together? That’s easy. Ever heard of a drunken hookup during a Christmas office party? well there you go.

I loved how the author integrated this slow burn love story with a special thriller. They actually start working more and more together, thus growing their relationship to something more romantic. More over, they start motivating each other to be better versions of themselves. Maisie stops worrying about what people think might think of her and Cameron, pays more attention to other people’s feelings.

All in all, I’m a fan of L.H. Cosway ever since I read Six of Hearts, so I totally knew this wouldn’t disappoint at all! I totally recommend it, specially these gloomy days where summer is ending and you need something to boost your optimistic vibe back in range!