I recently received this ARC on my kindle! I’d like to thank Monica James for always taking me into account as one of her reviewers with this series. Due to my busy schedule, I haven’t had time to read as much as I’d like, but you know I’ll always try to make it work!

So we’re finally reaching the end of the tunnel with this amazing series. It’s time to say goodbye to Willow and Saint and their recurrent adventures. It has been an amazing love story overall, but also a very intriguing thriller.

In this book, we see the aftermath of the ending in FALLEN SAINT . Aleksei’s house has been blown up, along with all his power. This means, they have to go into hiding, and what better place than the orphanage he used sponsor? Mother Superior, receives them with open arms and helps them cope with what Willow believes was the darkest moment of her life. Aleksei has become a fugitive in the same land he used to rule, whilst Willow believes she lost Saint for good. Not the most cheerful couple to be around with!

They lead this kind of silent and sad existence, til one day they get a visit from Willow’s arch-nemesis, Zoey (Saint’s crazy ass bitch sister). Although, they do get involved in a catfight or two, they do get to work together in order to save Saint, who was in fact, alive and held hostage by Oscar.

From this moment, they all form a very weird team since it consists of Alek’s previous subjects. Hence, all the tension around them more often than not.

Enough spoilers for now! I don’t want to ruin the story by killing the suspense you feel when you’re reading it. This series was super fun to read in every sense of the word. You don’t get a traditional love story, but you get a whole action movie instead!