I was lucky enough to get this ARC through NetGalley! As always, Karina Halle has the ability of transporting the reader to any place she’s writing about. In Discretion, I saw myself literally yachting within the French Riviera. We can experience exquisite details about the sceneries in this story.

It reminded me of my time there when I was turning fifteen! In Latin America, girls usually celebrate their quinceañeras with a huge party (very much like the American sweet sixteen), or you go on a Euro trip! I had the opportunity of taking a cruise around the Mediterranean and visited most of the places the author mentioned in Discretion. Therefore it was super easy for me to picture most of the scenes in the story.

Can’t believe this picture was taken 9 years ago! Now picture me, about 15 pounds heavier and blonder hahahaha

In all honesty, I think both Olivier and Sadie were amazing. However, I think Olivier lacked a little character. I think the whole argument of the story was a little weak. I would’ve loved for him to sin a little harder than what he was actually guilty about. I don’t want to spoil the story for you guys, since it’s really good regardless of this, so I’ll stop here…

On the other hand, I felt super close to Sadie. The fact that she decided to travel around Europe by herself after she broke up with her boyfriend, is hands down super brave! I consider myself an independent person, but not enough to spend weeks traveling by myself.

I can’t wait for the follow up of this series! I love how the author gives us glimpses of Disarm in this precise novel.

I hope you guys are super excited about this upcoming release by the amazing Karina Halle!