Coldhearted Boss


Hi bookworms!

Hope you guys are doing great!

First of all, I want to thank R.S. Grey for this awesome ARC. I had so much fun reading this story! Somehow all her new releases come out when I’m on exams, which makes it little hard to study, since I just can’t resist her work.

Once again, the heroine cracks me up from the beginning. Taylor has this magnificent ability to convince herself about the silver linings of every bad situation she finds herself in. Her inner dialogue is short of amazing!

Being handed one of the worst hands any teenager could get. An alcoholic mother, an absent father and a little sister that basically becomes her daughter. This means she had to give up any idea of going college, in order to help her mom get through beauty school and quit alcohol, and on top of that, provide for her sister’s asthma meds.

I mean, how sad right?

No wonder when she meets this tall dark stranger in the bar next to the motel, she feels the compelling need to make out with him…and steel his wallet. Although, she didn’t take the money and gave said wallet to the bartender to return to its owner, little did she know she would run into this stranger again. As her boss.

Desperation is a complex feeling. Cause when Lockwood Constructions announces they’re looking for able men for a new project, Taylor decides she can pass up as a dude so she can earn more money for her family. However, let’s just say their main project manager and partner, Ethan, remembers a heated night with a beautiful thief, who he comes to find is looking for a job in his company.

This is where the good stuff begins.

Ethan obviously is seeking for revenge so he hires her AND becomes her roommate. Even though, he tries to pass as a dick, we know Ethan is a great guy cause he knows in his heart she really needs this job. So, although he continually threatens to fire her, he doesn’t. That doesn’t mean they like each other though.

Don’t get me started on the banter between Taylor and Ethan, it was just too good. I couldn’t get enough! It even got to a point where I got a little disappointed when they finally got together Haha!

Ok readers, so no more spoilers. Go get your copy through Kindle Unlimited like NOW so you can have an awesome weekend filled with laughter and love!