Picture of Blowback by Monica James

First of all, I would like to thank Monica James for this amazing ARC! I had an amazing time reading it and it was a perfect distraction from the monotony of these quarantine days.

Blowback by Monica James is the second book in The Monsters Within series. In Bullseye, we kinda left Tiger and Bull in a tough spot when she realized her son’s father was killed by no other than Bull. Also, Christopher or Jaws as we know him in the gangster world, makes his sudden appearance with the intention of getting his family back together.

I believe that Jaws was the perfect villain. Sick enough to remain silent for years whilst his sister struggled as a single mom, just because he felt betrayed by her, for having a relationship with his best friend. He even ordered the murder of his nephew out of jealousy. I mean how sick is that?!

Although she portrays a hateful attitude towards Bull, she also knows that Christopher is not being completely honest about Damian’s murder. Even if she doesn’t want to admit it at first. This is the thing I love about Monica James. She humanizes her characters in a way it’s easy to put yourself in their shoes. I understand Tiger, she felt alone and unprotected for so long, she’s looking forward to provide a family for her son, and relieve some of the burdens she has to carry time and time again.

However, keeping away from each other is easier said than done. They just can’t help it. Especially when Jaws starts showing his true colors to Tiger. She soon realizes that the only person she can trust is Bull, despite him being her previous boyfriend’s murder.

On the other hand, I loved Bull’s evolution with his own emotions. We finally get him to admit his feelings and to acknowledge his own goodness. He might not be the conventional hero in the story, I mean he’s drowning in revenge, but wouldn’t we feel that way under his circumstances?

I personally loved Blowback, since we get to see their relationship bloom in a Monica James style. We have enough of suspense, action and crime for a Tom Cruise flick! I believe you guys will enjoy it a lot, and guess what?! It releases tomorrow, so head over Amazon and get your copy ASAP!

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