Birthday Girl – Penelope Douglas

Publisher: Penelope Douglas LLC (April 15, 2018)

Language: English

Pages: 407 pages

Format: Kindle


From New York Times Bestselling author Penelope Douglas comes a new forbidden love story…


He took me in when I had nowhere else to go.

He doesn’t use me, hurt me, or forget about me. He doesn’t treat me like I’m nothing, take me for granted, or make me feel unsafe.

He remembers me, laughs with me, and looks at me. He listens to me, protects me, and sees me. I can feel his eyes on me over the breakfast table, and my heart pumps so hard when I hear him pull in the driveway after work.

I have to stop this. It can’t happen.

My sister once told me there are no good men, and if you find one, he’s probably unavailable.

Only Pike Lawson isn’t the unavailable one.

I am.


I took her in, because I thought I was helping.

She’d cook a few meals and clean up a little. It was an easy arrangement.

As the days go by, though, it’s becoming anything but easy. I have to stop my mind from drifting to her and stop holding my breath every time I bump into her in the house. I can’t touch her, and I shouldn’t want to.

The more I find my path crossing hers, though, the more she’s becoming a part of me.

But we’re not free to give into this. She’s nineteen, and I’m thirty-eight.

And her boyfriend’s father.

Unfortunately, they both just moved into my house.

*BIRTHDAY GIRL is a stand-alone, contemporary romance suitable for ages 18+.

If you’re into prohibited romances then you HAVE to get this book. I mean, the sexual tension between Pike and Jordan was unbelievable! They’re both attracted to one another from the moment they met, although they had a few little obstacles like him being Cole’s father (her boyfriend) and that he was 19 years older than her. I know. When I first read the description on Amazon I was like…weird.

However, I was tired of reading the same thing over and over again. Boy meets girl. They’re probably close in age and struggle a little during the relationship or he cheats and then they get together again and BOOM happily ever after. I mean as I girl, I always love those stories, but sometimes enough is enough. Therefore, I decided to give this book a try and I’m so happy I did! I just couldn’t put it down till I finished it. I even got in my kindle cloud reader at work to keep reading this awesome story but shhhhhh… (Do you guys do that sometimes or is it just me?)

Coming back to the story, forget I mentioned work! We encounter Pike’s inner battle, since he felt he was not only taking advantage of a much younger woman, but that he was also betraying his son’s trust and ruining their last chance at actually having a relationship. Then we have Jordan questioning her relationship with Cole from the beginning and actually meeting a man that enjoys her weird personality, like the fact that she can’t resist blowing out candles without making a wish first. The problem is she can’t fathom the idea of breaking Cole’s heart and trust by cheating on him with his own father.

 BUT the cool thing is that as the reader you see they just can’t resist each other!

“Goddamn her. Goddamit. I’m not stopping. Fuck it. I can’t. She just kept pushing and pushing, hitting all my buttons, everything she knew would bring me to this, I wanted her to. In the back of my mind, I always knew I couldn’t not have her.”

So there you go! You can experience a little of Pike’s defeat to his inner struggle to finally have Jordan in his arms. Sometimes you try to fight that feeling, but we know that when that person becomes untouchable, the more you want to touch them! Is like when my mom told me I couldn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey in high school and then I wanted to read it a lot more. I was just planning that strategy in my head on how to get the book without her finding out and I did!

As I said before, we see the sexual tension building up between them until they couldn’t resist it. From there onwards we have a few VERY steamy scenes that will blow your mind (If you’re not into explicit sex scenes, I recommend you just don’t read this book…but those who do like it…I very much encourage you to!).

Besides the sex this is also a pretty story about a girl just dreaming about having a loving family and a man who loved her unconditionally. “I want a life I never want to take a vacation from.” The best thing is that they also get to fall in love very realistically. They spend time together, doing simple things and they talk about what they have in common and what not. There was insta attraction but the relationship builds on very beautifully.

Once I again, I really recommend this book for the summer since it’s a very short read. I also have to congratulate Penelope Douglas on achieving this amazing book!