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I’m addicted to buying beautiful journals, ever since I was a child. I’ve always had a princess complex, and what do they keep? A diary! When I was in middle school, I would religiously write the most important events of my day. Even if it meant that someone stole my eraser at school!

As a teenager I started being afraid that someone would read my most inner thoughts and stopped for a really long time. However, when I was in college my boyfriend introduced me to the Five Minute Journal and fell in love with this process all over again. By the way, be sure to always have someone by your side that looks out for your emotional stability the way BF does!

The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day ...

Coming back to journaling! The Five Minute Journal came in handy in a time of my life where I had a ton of challenges and that helped structure my day in a more positive way. Usually when I’m swamped with responsibilities I loose track of the main goal and get super frustrated. This particular journal helps you see all the amazing things that happen during your day and you take for granted.

However, regular journaling is also amazing. In fact, I’m going to share the numerous benefits this habit can bring into your life.

Stress Management

God knows we need some of that during these Coronavirus days. There’s nothing better than dumping your anxieties and frustrations on a piece of paper, for you to calm down. Actually, I’m one of those people that make a big fuss over nothing and this is an amazing way of observing your problems from another perspective and realize that you’re literally drowning in a cup of water. This is great for brainstorming problem solutions!

Increases your Creativity

Writing down your thoughts can help you discover your inner creativity. Just let your imagination go crazy and put it on paper. I promise that although a lot might look like general bullshit, it will help you create something amazing.

Keep a Record of your Ideas

If you’re like me, then you’re constantly brainstorming ideas. For example, I’m always coming up with different business ventures. If you create a habit of journaling you can keep a record of those ideas and come back to them, in case you forget!

Goal Achievement

When you write down your goals, you’re basically making a compromise with yourself to eventually achieve them. You can even jot down a plan in order to succeed!

Tell your Story

We’ve gotten the personal view of many events throughout history thanks to personal diaries. I believe Anne Frank would agree with me! As an avid reader, I think that everyone has a beautiful story to tell. Writing down all the important events of your life, can keep you alive so that your descendants can also get to know you.

I really suggest you get a journal and write down all your thoughts and feelings. I know starting it, is the hardest. Just write about your day, even if you believe it’s not interesting. Trust me. Everything about you is important!

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