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“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

–John Steinbeck

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been feeling a little frustrated these days. The fact that traveling is close to impossible right now and the whole economy crash that’s awaiting us once the quarantine is over, is kind of overwhelming.

Therefore, I decided to share 7 Bookshops around the world that will blow your mind!We might not be able to get on a plane right now, but we can totally travel through our memories and experiences!

1. Livraria Lello – Porto, Portugal

The Book Meddler at Livreria Lello

Livraria Lello is basically a bookshop in the middle of Porto known for its unique architecture. This masterpiece was built in 1906 built by engineer Xavier Esteves, who was an avid lover of literature. This means that this unique infrastructure has been opened for more than a century and has been catalogued as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world.

This bookshop is also known as being one of the sources of inspiration J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. When you enter this amazing book oasis, you feel as if you’re in Hogwarts!

2. Acqua Alta – Venice, Italy

If you’re ever in Venice, you’ll definitely want to take a picture in this unique and original bookshop! A lot of people wonder how the books are kept safe from the rising waters in this city. Well, they’re kept in vintage bathtubs and such other floating devices. Making this an enchanted reading space for any avid reader. Most of the bookshop is an improvised photography set, since everything is so beautiful and it’s as if you’re reading literally on the water. This is one of the most organically gorgeous places I’ve ever been!

3. Shakespeare & Company – Paris, France

I’d been to Paris several times before I got to visit this stunning place. My aunt decided it was time I visited this bookshop, and boy was I shocked! Shakespeare and Company is everything a bookshop should be. It is swamped with books in different languages and has the most beautiful editions regarding contemporary and classic books. The only unfortunate thing is that you’re not allowed to take pictures inside. Even though I tried- Yeah I’m sneaky like that- they had like spies all over the store just to see if you’re breaking the rules! Nevertheless, this became a place where I totally plan to visit again!

4. Powell’s – Portland, Oregon

Powell's City of Books: Portland's Favorite Hotspot and What We ...

I came across this bookstore by total chance! Me and my family were on a road trip along the West coast of the United States. We decided to drive from San Francisco to Seattle, stopping in Portland for a few days. We heard that this was a very hip town and we loved it! Walking around with my boyfriend, who was also joining us, we were drawn to this bookstore and decided to go in and get ourselves some books!

I was surprised by the size of it, it’s pretty big. Well, it’s one of the largest independent bookstores in the US and that came as a total surprise. You can also get a lot of book gadgets such as book marks and journals. It’s all very hipster, in my opinion it’s as if Urban Outfitters became a bookshop. Totally fine by me!

5. Irok Boltja – Budapest, Hungary

I have no words to describe what an amazing time I had in Budapest last year! During my time there, I was taken to Irok Boltja. Before 1945 , it was called Japán Kávéház. A place where intellectuals would get together to discuss literature, philosophy and liberal ideas! Right now it’s one of the most famous bookstores in Budapest where they have a big variety of books to offer in Hungarian and other foreign languages.

6. Phil- Vienna, Austria

Phil | Travel + Leisure | Travel + Leisure

This one blew my mind! I had every intention of brunching one morning here with my boyfriend. However, we decided to visit it during the evening instead! This made it a whole lot more romantic since we decided to visit Vienna for our 8th year anniversary. This is a cafe/bookshop where you can get books in different languages and enjoy the whole hipster atmosphere. You can also get a variety of interesting drinks such as lavender lemonade…I never had that before visiting this place!

7. Libreria para Bibliofilos – Madrid, Spain

Librería Bardon. Plaza de San Martín, 3. Barrio de Sol | El ...

Booklovers, this place is for you! Although they don’t let you take pictures, I mean the lady there almost took my phone away, you’ll be amazed in the best possible way with the amount of limited editions and antique books within this store. You get to feel like you’re traveling in time to antique library in some secluded manor!

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